Our Customer Service

Welcome to our customer service. Here we help you with questions, thoughts and other matters.

We always respond within 24 hours. If your question concerns a previous order, please attach the order number to which the case applies.

In the case of your technical support case, you must first send a detailed error description to support@evxab.com, attach your order number to facilitate handling.

Contact information

Email: support@evxab.com (You will be assigned a case number in our ticket system).

Switch Phone: (+46) 19 - 761 33 21 (Mon-Thu 8 am - 5 pm, Fridays 9 am - 3 pm).

Reply within 24 hours

EVXAB.COM always responds to email within 24 hours (Mo-Fri). The exception applies to major holidays. We are always available to you and do our utmost to maintain good customer relations.

Chat with us

We are available in the chat during weekdays. If you see that the chat tab at the bottom right is green then we are available for chat. An easy and convenient way to communicate without having to wait in the telephone queue.

I haven't received my Proforma Invoice?

Your invoice will be sent to your specified email address. If you have not received your invoice, please check your spam folder. You can also view your invoice in our store by logging into your account.

I'm unable to pay with my card?

We use Payson for card payment which support VISA and Mastercard. Sometimes the communication between banks and payment systems does not always work. Should it not work please choose another payment method or contact your bank.

Can I split my payment?

This option is unfortunately not available for customers outside Sweden. For our swedish customers, choose Payson and part payment as payment method.

Which payment service do you use?

We use Payson as a supplier for direct payment via bank, part payment, card payment (VISA / Mastercard) and invoice. For customers outside Sweden, we offer Card Payment and Bank Transfer (where available) and Proforma Invoice. 

Why is no free return offered?

This would indirectly mean that we must raise prices for you as a customer in an already heavily priced industry. Of course, we always pay for any return shipping if we have done something wrong.

Can you guarantee delivery time?

We wish we could. Logistics is always a concern, but we do we can to influence delivery times and notify in the event of changes around the shipment.

I bought a product and am not satisfied, what do I do?

We want you to be satisfied. You simply register a return request in your account, and you will get more information on how to proceed. If you have problems logging in send an email to support@evxab.com and we will help you. Please note that other conditions apply to companies.

Why does it say "send from supplier / external warehouse" on some of your products?

We have chosen to use external warehouses on parts of our assortment to optimize warehousing but above all in order to be able to deliver larger quantities of goods to you as a customer faster.

This can sometimes mean that you get more packages on the same order as all products do not share the same external stock. But we always try to customize individually so that each order is as fast and smooth as possible.

How often are stock updated?

We constantly update our stock balances. If you are unsure of our stock balance when ordering, please contact us before placing your order.

Keep in mind that price comparison sites do not update inventory balances as frequently and therefore may differ when you visit our store.

Do I need to log in to track my order?

No. We always send your order's package number via SMS alternative to your specified email address after it has been shipped from our warehouse. If it is sent directly from our supplier, this may take a working day, in some cases your package can be delivered before you have received your parcel number.

Please note that we also send smaller packages with padded envelopes or similar, then tracking cannot be applied.

For questions, contact us at support@evxab.com

Do I need to log in to see my order status?

No, you can click here to see your order status as a guest. To see your order status you need to enter your order number and the e-mail address you used for the purchase.